BJORN ULVAEUS still has sex four times a week.

The 75-year-old Abba star - who has two children with his first wife and bandmate Agnetha Faltskog and two with current spouse Lena Källersjö - admitted he can't ''manage'' to make love any more than that these days because of his advancing years.

Asked how often he has sex, he said: ''I'm 75 and I can't manage more than four times a week.''

The 'Dancing Queen' hitmaker struggles to sleep and thinks he'd go ''crazy'' if he didn't have medication to help him doze off.

He said: ''Nothing, really [keeps me awake]. But without little sleeping pills, I'd go crazy.''

The 'Knowing Me, Knowing You' musician has taken to not bothering to get dressed while staying at home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Discussing his worst habits, he said: ''If you ask my wife, it would probably be my habit of walking around in a bathrobe all day long during our corona self-isolation.''

Meanwhile, Bjorn admitted he'd loved to have changed his surname because people found it so hard to pronounce, especially when compared with that of his male bandmate Benny Andersson, and so it meant he was often overlooked when people needed to get in touch with the group.

Asked what he'd change about his past, he told Guardian weekend magazine: ''My surname. You have no idea how many versions I've read and heard.

''It was especially irritating during my ABBA years. You can imagine someone calling our hotel and saying, 'I'd like to speak to one of the guys in ABBA.' Who do you think the receptionist called, Andersson or Ulvaeus?''