Blur's Graham Coxon admits prior to making their new album 'The Magic Whip' they were in ''sleep mode''.

The Britpop band reunited in 2008 after a five-year hiatus for a series of concerts but the 'Song #2' riff maker believes the group needed to make an LP together so they wouldn't become just a nostalgia act.

Graham thinks the reason they went into autopilot was because they don't talk ''too much'' about the future.

The 46-year-old guitarist told the Metro newspaper: ''Well Blur sort of went into sleep mode and I suppose there is still confusion as to why that happened. We don't really talk too much about the future, we like to deal in the present.

''After the sort of 'therapy' of playing loads of gigs for a few years, the next question was - do we still think we have the creative spark? And I wanted the responsibility of playing a big part in that.''

But now the album is out, he thinks it's their best record to date and that they learnt a lot from making it.

The indie rocker said: ''It just feels like a really good Blur album. You can still learn some great stuff, even if you're getting on a bit like us ... It felt really great to know that it (our creativity) was still there, because we didn't have a clue that it was still possible.''