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Me Before You Review


With a story that links together every cliche from the weepy chick-flick library, this movie uses its doomed romance premise to reduce every woman in the audience into floods of tears. Adapted by author Jojo Moyes from her bestselling novel, the movie will work its trickery on its target audience, and it will just about keep others interested, thanks to engaging central performances by Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin.

It's set in a picture-perfect British village located next to the ruins of a picturesque castle, where the quirky Louisa (Clarke) has just lost her job as a waitress in a tearoom. But her parents (Brendan Coyle and Samantha Spiro) need her income to make ends meet, so she takes a job with the village's most prominent couple (Janet McTeer and Charles Dance), caring for their son Will (Claflin), who was a high-flying banker until he was hit by a motorbike and paralysed. Working alongside Will's nurse Nathan (Stephen Peacocke), Louisa struggles to connect with the relentlessly surly Will, who believes that there's no point with going on with his life. But Louisa is determined to help him find some hope.

Everything that happens on the way to the unnerving conclusion is deeply predictable, because we've seen it all in movies from Bridget Jones to The Fault in Our Stars. Even the gently wacky romance feels oddly by-the-book, shifting from interested sideways glances to another smiley montage sequence to contrived comedy and gloomy drama. Thankfully, Clarke and Claflin breathe life into these characters, adding personality details and a spark of chemistry that helps the audience feel the connection developing between Louisa and Will. Of the supporting cast, only Peacocke manages to give his character a sense that he has a life off the screen. And it's nice to see Downton Abbey's Coyle against type.

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'Downton Abbey's Brendan Coyle Handed Four Year Driving Ban

Brendan Coyle

‘Downton Abbey’ star Brendan Coyle has been banned from driving for over four years, after he was discovered to be nearly three times the drink-drive limit when he was pulled over by police in Norfolk on New Year’s Day.

A court heard how Coyle, 52, who plays the loyal Mr Bates in the successful ITV series which concluded in December, was arrested after being followed by police when he was spotted driving erratically on the A149 near King’s Lynn on January 1st. Given a breathalyser test, he was found to have 98mcg in 100ml of breath (the legal limit is 35mcg).

Appearing during the hearing under his real name, David Coyle, he was given a 50 month ban from driving and ordered to 100 hours of unpaid work, as well as 15 days rehabilitation activity and told to pay £85 costs, plus a £60 victim surcharge.

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Me Before You Trailer

Up until his recent accident that left him almost entirely paralysed, William Traynor has had a perfect life. He's rich, intelligent and always seeking a new adventure, though now he feels like his life has come to an end. He finds himself in the family house being nannied by his mother and staff. To put an end to his current state, Will decides that he wants to end his life in a clinic. With his mother understandably distraught over his choice, Will agrees to wait six months before committing to his decision. 

Louisa Clark is a young local woman who lives a life completely different to Will. Though she doesn't have much self-belief, she's incredibly upbeat, likes her small town ways and has never felt the need to go out and discover the world. When Louisa is left jobless, she pays a visit to the job centre (a place that she's a little too accustom to) and her advisor finds a new listing (for a care giver) that might just be a perfect job for Louisa. Louisa visits the Traynor family estate and Will's mum decides that Louisa and her positivity might just be the ray of sunshine that he needs. 

Whilst Will is initially reluctant to allow Louisa into his life, over the course of the following weeks, he can't help but be enamoured by her charm. Their relationship grows and grows but when Lousia finds out about Will's choices for the future, will she be able to convince Will that there is something to live for? 

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Brendan Coyle , Joy Harrison - BAFTA Tribute: Downton Abbey held at the Richmond Theatre - Arrivals - London, United Kingdom - Tuesday 11th August 2015

Brendan Coyle and Joy Harrison

Downton Abbey Will Conclude After Sixth Season - Movie Or Spin-Off Series To Follow?

Hugh Bonneville Michelle Dockery Maggie Smith Elizabeth McGovern Joanne Froggatt Brendan Coyle Julian Fellowes

Downton Abbey will conclude after its sixth season, the ITV show's producers have confirmed. Producer Gareth Neame made the announcement during a press conference on Thursday (26th March). "It's a very emotional day for all of the people involved in the show," Neame said at the press conference.

Downton Abbey
Maggie Smith stars in Downton Abbey.

See More: The Cast Of Downton Abbey Filming (March 2015).

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Brendan Coyle - Shots of the cast as the UK TV series 'Downton Abbey' as they film scenes for the new series of in Wiltshire, United Kingdom - Friday 20th March 2015

Brendan Coyle
Brendan Coyle

Rupert Grint To Make West End Debut Alongside Ben Whishaw

Rupert Grint Ben Whishaw Brendan Coyle Daniel Mays

Rupert Grint, AKA Ron Weasley, will be putting his Potter days behind him as he makes his stage debut on the West End. The prestigious theatre circuit will be a baptism of fire for the 24 year-old actor who has never performed on stage before, having captured the attention of the Warner Bros. producers when he submitted a rap, aged 11, proclaiming how much he wanted the part of Harry Potter's best friend, Ron.

Rupert Grint
Grint: Eyeballing A West End Role.

It has been confirmed to BBC News that Grint will star alongside Ben Whishaw (Skyfall, The Hour) in a gritty play entitled Mojo that was originally performed at the Royal Court in 1995, followed by a film adaptation in 1998. Opening at the Harold Pinter theatre in October, black comedy Mojo will be set in a seedy 1950s Soho nightclub with Grint playing 'Sweets' who has a penchant for amphetamines and dark humour. The Thunderpants actor will star alongside Whishaw, Downton Abbey's Brendan Coyle and Made in Dagenham's Daniel Mays.

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Downton Abbey Star Brendan Coyle Is Looking For Love

Brendan Coyle

Downton Abbey star Brendan Coyle nears a half century of years on this green earth, he’s still looking for ‘the one’ despite a strong female fan base, The Telegraph reports.

In-between breaking hearts of British middle age woman, Coyle, who portrays wonderfully the character of John Bates, spoke openly and honestly about his love life, or lack of it: “I'm going to be 50 soon. I'm single, I'm looking for something meaningful," he said. "By the time you've been single for quite a long time, you can get quite specific about what you can and can't put up with. If this TV success had come in my twenties and I'd become a heart–throb, I would have been very stupid. I would have got into a lot of situations that I really wished I hadn't. But in my forties, that's not going to happen." Coyle is fresh from an on screen marriage, as his romance with on-screen partner Anna, the housemaid in Downton Abbey, became official in the eyes of the church. If only there were a real life Anna for Coyle to settle down with.

The 48–year–old actor has had many long–term girlfriends but never married. "I don't know if it's a good or bad thing, but only now am I truly ready for a relationship," he said.

Downton Abbey’s Brendan Coyle: I Know Exactly When Show Will End

Brendan Coyle Julian Fellowes Jessica Brown-Findlay

Downton Abbey’s Brendan Coyle has told Radio Times that the stars of the show know exactly when it’s going to end. So, if you were hoping that Downton Abbey would somehow evolve into a soap opera, with no shelf life, then we’re afraid you must be prepared to be disappointed. “I can pretty much say all of [the cast] know when Downton is going to end,” revealed Coyle, whose character Mr. Bates is currently serving time for allegedly murdering his wife. “This is a show with a finite life,” he stressed. “If we bring this into the 50s, it’s Emmerdale. Though I really like Emmerdale…”

What you can look forward to – even if it’s not endless episodes of Downton Abbey from now until kingdom come, is more drama and more ambiguity. “If you think it’s ambiguous now, it gets more ambiguous,” Coyle explains, teasingly. “Bates has been in the Boer War… he would have killed a lot of people. Does that mean he can kill his wife? What does it do to you?” Bates’ innocence, or otherwise, is currently one of the central debates of the show.

Last weekend, social networking sites were ablaze with misery as one of Downton Abbey’s best-loved characters, Lady Sybil (played by Jessica Brown Findlay), died shortly after childbirth. With Downton Abbey Season 3 in full swing in the UK, Julian Fellowes’ period drama has become a favourite both at home in the UK and across the pond in the United States. But just when, exactly, will its lifespan come to an end?

Brendan Coyle and Jason Isaacs - Brendan Coyle, guest, and Jason Isaacs Saturday 12th April 2008 HBO's Annual Emmy Awards Post Awards Reception at the Pacific Design Center

Brendan Coyle and Jason Isaacs
Brendan Coyle

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Me Before You Movie Review

Me Before You Movie Review

With a story that links together every cliche from the weepy chick-flick library, this movie...

Me Before You Trailer

Me Before You Trailer

Up until his recent accident that left him almost entirely paralysed, William Traynor has had...