Last Thursday night, the news broke out that Charlie Sheen’s 4-year-old twin boys had been taken from the home of their mother, Brooke Mueller by the LA County Department of Children and Family Services. The home was deemed an unsafe environment by the Department and Max and Bob were taken away and put under the care of Denise Richards, the mother of Sheen’s two daughters, TMZ reports. The process went quickly and painlessly however, with Mueller hardly putting in any resistance, a source close to the family told New York Daily News:

"It just wasn't a stable environment with different nannies coming in and out, and child protective services came in and did their thing, and this is the outcome," a source close to Mueller told the Daily News. "Brooke didn’t have a say in this. They came in, assessed the situation, asked Denise to take the boys, and Brooke agreed."

Mueller has been struggling with substance abuse for several years now, and it has been speculated that this is what led to the children’s removal this time. A court date has been set for next week to determine whether the twins will be returning to their mother, or alternatively, to find a more permanent living situation for the boys. Richards however, didn’t have any problem with taking them in, the source also claims:

"Brooke is very grateful. She and Denise have always gotten along very well, and the boys are very close with their sisters. Brooke is very comfortable with this and very grateful to Denise for taking this on. There's no ill will there."

 As for the infamous father of the two boys, a rep for Sheen commented that he was fully supportive of the Department for Children and Family Services’ actions.

Brooke Mueller, LADenise Richards, Radio Disney Music Awards
Mueller and Richards have no quarrels over the future of the kids.