Those Breaking Bad GPS numbers might lead you to an in-joke, but six barrels of cold hard cash?

Think again. While Hank was desperately trying to secure the evidence needed to both arrest Walter White and end his own career, his newfound adversary was busy digging the evidence: money.

Bryan CranstonDecisions to weigh up - things are closing in for Walt

And while he – rather haphazardly – memorized the location of his stash, subsequently smashing the GPS device used to locate it and buying a lottery ticket to conceal the numbers, any real life attempt to go treasure hunting will leave you disappointed, unless you know what easter eggs mean, then you’re in luck.

34° 59' 20.00", -106° 36' 52 is actually the location of ABQ Studios, where Breaking Bad has been shot, alongside The Avengers and other productions. Of course, there is the possibility that Walt got his digits wrong, and AMC have hidden a tonne of cash in the desert. We doubt the season finale will see Walt arguing with reception at ABQ Studios, though.

Here's a rather annoying Idoit's guide to Breaking Bad

Episode 10 of Breaking Bad – Buried – saw the tension between Hank and Walt rise. As both parties try to make the right moves to achieve their respective goals, Skyler and Jesse remained silent.

With six episodes left, how will Walter get to the state hinted at the star of last week’s “Blood Money”? We see him with a head of hair (cancer gone?) armed to the nines (has he killed Hank?) and retrieving the Ricin (Does Jesse need to go, did he fake his own death?). It’s a lot to wrap up in 240 minutes.