Yeah, alright, we get it: you like Breaking Bad. You caught up on the first three series in five days when you were supposed to be writing an essay on determinism and then you had to wait for weekly episodes like idiots who didn’t know what it was back in 2009.

Bryan Cranston Breaking BadBreaking Bad Comes To An End Next Week

Now that the final is hitting town, you simply have to tell your friends how much you like it on Facebook/Twitter, inadvertently blurting spoilers out for your ‘friends’ who haven’t seen it yet. You’ve probably even pre-ordered the premium box set edition of the show, displayed in a barrel - not unlike the ones you see in the show - and featuring loads of cool goodies to further remind your houseguests just how much of a fan you are.

You haven’t even got a ****ing Blu-Ray player. ****.

But just shut up for a moment and be a real fan. Spend thousands of bucks on this ridiculous Walter White mask, and then – only then – can you prove to the deluge of BB inductees that you are the king of fans. You’ve seen the gag reels more than everyone else and yes, yes indeed, you guess something might happen in the show at some point, 17 minutes before it actually happened.

"It began when Bryan Cranston wore the mask incognito as his character "Walter White" at the 2013 Comic-Con, and walked amongst the unsuspecting masses, revealing his disguise on stage at the 2013 Comic-Con "Breaking Bad" panel to a cheering audience. The event was punctuated when both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul enthusiastically made out with Walter White's disembodied head," reads the listing.

Aaron Paul and Bryan CranstonAaron Paul and Bryan Cranston relax after a cook in Breaking Bad

That’s right, at the time of writing, an eerily realistic mask of Walter White’s bald, goatee-covered face – glasses and all – is selling on auction site eBay for a cool $25k. Emmy-award winning actor, Bryan Cranston wore it while prancing abour the Comic Con floor, meeting fans who thought he was some overhyped weirdo with too much money to spend. Have one guess at who’s bidding on the mask right now.

Breaking Bad finishes up this Sunday with the long-awaited finale. U.K residents may want to keep away from social networking sites until the last 50 minutes of pleasure you’ll ever know hits Netflix.