Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding are back in the studio together.

The pair first collaborated in 2013 on 'I Need Your Love', followed by 'Outside' in 2014 and 2023’s 'Miracle' and they are eager to release a fourth song together this summer.

A source told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "Calvin and Ellie are close friends and love working together. When they are in the studio they just click and create great tracks.

"Nothing is set in stone but they have been quietly back in the studio together and are looking to release a new song in time for the summer.

"It could even turn into a bigger joint project, but right now getting a single out is the priority."

Calvin, 40, and Ellie, 37, have previously spoken about how much they enjoy collaborating with each other.

Speaking to Hits Radio, Calvin said: "'Ellie has the] three good things about working with somebody. A spectacular unique voice and delivery that can carry a song emotionally, and you’re a laugh!"

Ellie said: "I feel like we just have a 'thing', I don’t know what it is, it’s hard to explain."

And, Calvin added: "It’s one of them, you just work with someone and it works several times, and it’s just easy in the studio and it’s not awkward, which frequently with me, it can be. It just flows and you get the best out of each other, it’s one of them."

He also revealed that the pair actually recorded another song together but it wasn’t good enough for release.

He said: "It wasn’t good enough, only the good ones come out."