Calvin Harris has been cut from Rihanna's new album.

The 'Blame' hitmaker sent his 'We Found Love' collaborator some material to feature on her new record, which is rumoured to be titled 'Lost Files', but admits it didn't make the cut.

He said: ''No I'm not on the Rihanna album.

''I did a few things for it but they don't get back to you. There are a lot of people involved!

''She listens to everything - I know that - but she's got a strong idea and identity and an idea of what her album should sound like.''

However, Calvin - who, along with Rihanna, is signed to Jay Z's Roc Nation record label - insists he's not bothered about being snubbed from her latest LP.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''It's not like they put me on 'We Found Love' because I'm signed to Roc, they did it because it's a f**king good song.

''But it's OK because I'm working on my stuff and it's going fine so I'm not concerned about it.''

The 30-year-old DJ - who split from Rita Ora earlier this year - also admitted that some of his songs are based on his personal relationships.

He added: ''With lyrics I have a title and a concept. I have an idea. Partners do inspire songs.

'''Summer' was about someone, the Rita one 'Never Let You Down' is about someone, 'Feel So Close' is about someone. So yeah...''