Actress Camryn Manheim has a huge regret that's she's not a lesbian.

The former star of The Practice admits she once felt that she fitted the stereotype of a gay female - and held a strong desire to be a lesbian - but it was never to be.

She says, "I had 12 earrings in my ear, I rode a motorcycle, I had a tattoo and, strangely enough, I just did (lesbian drama) THE L WORD.

"As fate would have had it, I'm a heterosexual, which all of you know is no picnic. I think I would have had a lot more lovin' in my life (if I was gay).

"I did The L Word and they put me on it and they didn't even let me play a lesbian! Isn't that crazy? I played a straight girl. I just don't have enough clout in Hollywood, apparently."

She adds of her days as a hopeful lesbian, "That was just a crazy college phase in my life. It's all over now."

07/05/2005 01:45