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Manchester UK MAY 2006The band played more of the really stuff.Soul supreme.Evilways etc no black magic or oya como va but refreshing change back to when I saw them in 1978.The band played well and complimented each other.The atmosphere was superb,But the crowd who only know Smooth etc were dissappointed with the fantastic long tracks and drum and guitar solos.But for me a die hard Santana head BRILLIANT...

Posted 15 years 2 months ago by KEITHO

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can i point out to ftvdragon that u never made him who he is. he got where he is today through playing the guitar to an exceptional level. i saw him in london a few days ago and he was amazing. and while i prefer the older music that he has done compared to some of the newer stuff i think of it as one of the best concerts i have ever been to because of the way he played and also the atmosphere that he created. and if u do truely believe that you made him what he is today then it is the "kids" that are going to take him places in the future. and to not go to another concert because he didnt play what you wanted, to me, sounds very immature. and at what time are you refering to as in the good ones?from,a music fan

Posted 15 years 2 months ago by music fan

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I went to the Santana concert last night at Coor Amphitheater in San Diego. Very dissapinted that Sanatana did not play any of the music that made him famous, he did not play Black Magic Woman, Evil Ways, Oyo como va etc... Many people were very dissapointed. I looked forward to this concert for a long time and bought the best box tickets and what a dissapointment. It's as if he is now catering to the younger crowd and forgotten the people who helped make him who he is. I will never go to another Santana concert and will make sure everyone I know hears about the ripoff his concert was. Just three more songs (BACK IN THE DAY ONES)would have turned the night around for the thousands who went to see him. From,Ex Loyal Fan

Posted 15 years 9 months ago by ftvdragon

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