Cate Blanchett is in talks to star in the 'Borderlands' film adaptation.

According to Variety, the Oscar-winning actress is set to play the role of Lilith in Lionsgate's big screen take on the popular video game series.

The project is being directed by Eli Roth and the script has been penned by Craig Mazin, whose previous credits include 'Chernobyl'.

Avi and Ari Arad are producing the flick through their Arad Productions banner and will be joined by Erik Feig, who is overseeing via his Picturestart company.

The 'Borderlands' series launched in 2009 and four instalments have now been released, the most recent of which was 'Borderlands 3' which came out last year.

The first-person shooter game is set on the planet of Pandora, which has been deserted prior to the events of the series.

Cate is set to play one of the main protagonists and one of the few playable characters in the original game. Lilith is one of just six women in the galaxy to possess superhuman powers.

The 50-year-old actress had been filming the Guillermo Del Toro thriller 'Nightmare Alley' alongside Bradley Cooper before production was halted by the coronavirus outbreak.

Cate recently explained how she had reconnected with props from her roles in the 'Lord of the Rings' franchise and Marvel's 'Thor' series during the lockdown. She confessed that she found blades belonging to Tauriel, who was played by Evangeline Lily in 'The Hobbit' series.

She said: ''I've been clearing out my attic, and I was looking for my elf ears [which she wore as Galadriel in 'Lord of the Rings'], and I couldn't find them. Couldn't find them, but I did find Tauriel's fighting blades. Pretty cool. Some people are stocking toilet paper, but I got these.''