Cate Blanchett sounds "much more Australian" when she's at home.

The 53-year-old actress admits that her accent is always in a state of flux, especially when she spends a lengthy amount of time in the US.

The acclaimed star - who was born in the city of Ivanhoe in Australia - explained: "When I go home and I see my family, I sound much more Australian. It’s so embarrassing. My kids go, 'Just stop it!'"

Cate plays renowned musician Lydia Tar in the musical-drama movie 'Tar'.

The actress admits she didn't have any hesitation about committing to the Todd Field-directed film.

Cate told Variety: "I read scripts very, very slowly, but this one I read incredibly quickly. I knew from the get-go that it was about really big things - metaphysical, existential things that I was interested in - so I read it very quickly and said yes immediately."

Meanwhile, Cate previously claimed that society has become "terrified of the truth".

The actress played a psychoanalyst who becomes involved with a circus mind-reader in 'Nightmare Alley', and although the film was set in the 1940s, Cate thinks its theme of deception is still relevant to the modern world.

The Hollywood star - whose previous film credits also include 'Carol' and 'Don't Look Up' - explained: "In today's world, facing the truth is a very dangerous, almost circus-like game. We're terrified of the truth.

"Somehow the notion of the truth has become politicised, and it's being used to estrange ourselves not only from each other and community from community, but from ourselves.

"I think that 'Nightmare Alley' deals with the terrifying moment when you start believing the lie, rather than living in the actual genuine scientific immutable truth."