The Charlatans frontman spent years in a coke-fuelled frenzy but eventually managed to give up narcotics after becoming bored with his hellraising lifestyle.

He has previously spoken of his love for the relaxing techniques of TM, and now he has detailed how following the practice every day helped him stay clean.

Burgess tells Mojo magazine, "Coffee fuels me - and transcendental meditation! It's what you put in, isn't it? A great love of music, coffee and TM!... For me it does (work). It's part of my physiology now. It's 20 minutes in the afternoon. The one thing I had in my head when I started was, 'Will I have time?' But by doing that, you seem to get extra hours!...

"Part of me always felt I'd be able to stop (taking drugs). It's one of the most fortunate things because some people just can't. I stopped for three years before I did TM, but it definitely helped to have consistency."