Charlize Theron thinks people are "scared" to talk about the challenges of motherhood.

The 48-year-old actress has adoptive daughters Jackson, 11, and seven-year-old August and admitted that she can sometimes feel "alone" as a mother and loves to hear the support of other parents who may be struggling in certain moments.

She told US TV show 'Extra': "I feel like there is a lot of stuff in raising kids that people are scared to talk about, and you feel sort of alone with it. That’s the challenging stuff, the things that are not so pretty, that doesn’t look like the Disney movie, the moments when you really are losing your mind…

There is nothing better than when another mom looks at you and goes, ‘I know, I know what you’re talking about,’ and that’s what I am talking about — we have to have more of that."

Meanwhile, the Oscar-winning actress is passionate about helping the environment and claimed that "time is running out" for those not on board with making changes in their life as she joked that her children are more than aware of the issue because she is so upfront about it herself.

She added: "You can’t get lost in the size of the change you are making, you have to just know that changing one person’s life will then continue to have more people change their lives because of that one person. We are living in a world where that if you don’t have any awareness time is running out, it is very unfortunate.

"We are trying to speak as loud as we can… We are running out of time. It is not a message that has been taken well. It sucks for [my kids]. They are being raised by a mom that’s constantly like... they are like, ‘Yes, Mom, we know, we know.’"