The Chemical Brothers think current electronic dance music ''all sounds the same''.

The 'Galvanize' hitmakers - made up of Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons - have insisted they wouldn't ever play a DJ residency in Las Vegas - like DJs including Calvin Harris and Alesso - as it would be ''soul-destroying''.

Tom, 44, said: ''If we really wanted to we probably still could but I think it would be soul-destroying. It's a mad old world, that world. I does feel alien.''

Ed, 45, added: ''We played in America recently and every record sounded like (Italian DJ/producer) Benny Benassi. I know that sounds like your dad wandering into 'Top of the Pops' and saying it all sounds the same, but it did all sound the same...The one-dimensional sound is quite effective but it doesn't seem to have that magical, transporting quality.''

The 'Hey Boy Hey Girl' producers are releasing their eighth studio album 'Born In The Echoes' in July - their first since 'Further' in 2010 - but admitted this may be their last.

Speaking to The Observer's The New Review, Tom said: ''('Further') could have been a good point to exit, but it felt like, actually, no, there's another good Chemical Brothers record in us, and to not try to find it would be sad.''

Ed added: ''I'm glad that this record is so good, because, yeah, maybe it would have had a neatness...It's quite difficult to see how it can keep being rewarding and exciting.''