Nearly two decades after Alan Partridge first pitched the idea for a show titled ‘Youth Hostelling With Chirs Eubank’, the former boxing champ has got in on the joke and released a spoof trailer for the fantasy TV series. Eubank has teamed up with Hostelworld to make Partridge’s idea come to life, in a one minute trailer which can only be described as ‘splendid’.

Chris EubankFormer boxer Chris Eubank has released a spoof trailer for ‘Youth Hostelling With Chirs Eubank’.

In the trailer Eubank visits a youth hostel and tests the mattresses, uses the free wi-fi and even has a song and dance session will fellow guests. During his visit the former middle-weight champ describes his experience as ‘splendid', 'extraordinary' and 'unmithable', while adding that ‘Eubank is a revalation’.

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In a statement accompanying the trailer Eubank said, "Up until recently, I had absolutely no idea why people used to mention hostels to me and smile. It was truly an unsolved mystery to me. 'Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank' has now become a reality and finally, albeit a little embarrassed and ashamed, I'm in on the joke 18 years after Alan Partridge pitched it!”

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The joke stems from an episode of Steve Coogan’s 1997 series, ‘I’m Alan Partridge’, in which the failed TV star pitches a variety of programme ideas to a fictional BBC programme commissioner. Along with ‘Youth Hostelling With Chirs Eubank’ Partridge also suggests, ‘Monkey Tennis’, ‘Inner City Sumo’ and ‘Knowing M.E. Knowing You with Alan Partridge’.

You can watch the trailer for ‘Youth Hostelling With Chirs Eubank’ here: