Chris Hemsworth felt "reinvigorated" by his role in 'Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga'.

The 'Thor' star went straight into filming the 'Fury Road' prequel after suffering a back injury while making 'Extraction 2' and didn't have time to have surgery to fix the problem but he threw himself into the project and it made him feel better.

He told Vanity Fair: "I said, ‘Look, I don’t have a choice [about filming with the injury]'. And as soon as I got to rehearsals, everything lifted. I just got reinvigorated. Suffering without a purpose is awful. Suffering with purpose can be rejuvenating and replenishing.

"I’d grown so tired of myself, and now I had to lose myself in a character."

During the interview Chris admitted he also experienced a crisis of confidence in his Hollywood career - fearing he was not winning the roles he wanted - but the 'Mad Max' film helped soothe his fears.

Speaking about his career woes, Chris explained: "I was worried about everything. Nothing was as enjoyable as it once was, or I had imagined it was. I was making back-to-back movies and doing the press tours, and I was married and had three young kids, and it was all happening at the same time in a very short window.

"You’re sort of just running on fumes, and then you’re showing up to something with little in the tank and you start to pick things apart: Why am I doing this film? Why isn’t this script better? Why didn’t that director call me for that or why didn’t I get considered for this role? Why don’t I get the call-up from Scorsese or Tarantino? I had begun to take it all too serious and too personal."

However, he loved being involved with the 'Mad Max' world. He added: "I came out of it [a screening of 'Fury Road'] and called my agent. I haven’t been able to completely immerse myself in a film as a fan for years because I’ve seen behind the curtain and the magic is gone.

"This is the first film in years where I felt 100 percent involved in the experience as a true fan."