The beloved U.S. TV star has been at the forefront of alternative power for decades and purchased his first electric car in 1970, but while his carbon footprint is tiny, his eco-warrior ways have not always been a hit with the women in his life.

During an appearance on America's Real Time With Bill Maher last week (ends12Jun15), he said, "I had a tailor-done electric car... We're talking about a golf cart with a windshield wiper and a horn. I took Cindy Williams on a date... and there was not a second date; a kid on hot wheels was passing us by giving us the finger."

But the dating disaster did not make Begley, Jr. think twice about his environment-saving efforts, and he's now one of the most respected eco warriors in Hollywood - he even has a rain water reservoir under his house as the state battles a drought.

He added, "In the old days I would just get a hacksaw and hack off the down spout and put it (water) into a rain barrel, now I have 10,000 gallons of rainwater stored underground and then it's pumped up."

And, for the record, the actor maintains he and Williams are still great friends, despite the all-electric date.