Colin Farrell just wants to make "good" movies.

The 46-year-old actor has enjoyed a decades-long career in Hollywood and admitted that although he has taken some jobs purely for financial gain, at the heart of his career is the desire to "entertain."

He said: "You just wanna do good stuff. Sometimes you’re going to work for entertainment and the money might be a bit better. Sometimes you’re going to work to satisfy your own curiosity. Whatever the reason, you have an understanding. Whatever the gig is, if it’s made for purely entertainment purposes, or for some greater intellectual or social provocation, you just wanna make something where people don’t waste an hour and a half, or two hours, of their lives, as simple as that sounds. If you do that, and if you live as authentically as you can in your life and in your art, then the legacy thing will take care of itself. "

The 'Batman' star went on to add that his "legacy" will be in the friendships he has made during his time and was "tickled" when he found out that his movie 'The New World' had been added to the prestigious Criterion Collection, which is dedicated to publishing an "important" catalogue of films the contemporary world of cinema.

He told Collider: "Your legacy is through the friendships, and the people that you’ve met, and you’ve touched, and all that. Don’t get me wrong, when I saw that The New World was being put into the Criterion Collection, I did get tickled. One of my kids said to me, a while back, when he was talking about fame, “It’s weird, dad, in a hundred years, nobody will remember anything you’ve done.” I was like, “Maybe a hundred and fifty.” You can’t be concerned with that."