Big news, True Detective fans! The latest cast announcement from HBO’s runaway hit is that Colin Farrell will join the lineup starting next season. Farrell made the announcement himself, saying he was “so excited” about the role in an exclusive for Sunday World, an Irish newspaper.

Colin Farrell
Meet your new True Detective star.

For the second season, Farrell will find himself in the midst of a whole new plot alongside an entirely different cast. With the conclusion of the plot from season one, showrunner Nick Pizzolotto has crafted an entirely new story for True Detective’s next outing. Rumors have been flying around about the show’s possible new stars, but Farrell is the first confirmed actor to join the show.

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Even the production team is getting a major overhaul this season, with the departure of director Gary Fukunaga, who won an Emmy for True Detective’s first run. Justin Lin is one of several directors expected to helm episodes in the second season. Lin is also expected to direct the next spinoff sequel of The Bourne Legacy ­– that’s the one with Jeremy Renner.

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Farrell’s announcement was predicted by Deadline Hollywood earlier this month, along with Taylor Kitsch and Vince Vaughn. So should we be looking out for those two joining the show next? As for female leads, reports have pegged Mad Men’s Elizabeth Moss and Sherlock’s Rachel McAddams as likely contenders. With plenty of experience in long-running TV dramas, we’re hoping that these two get the gig and (unlikely) stick around for more than one season. 

Elizabeth Moss
Elizabeth Moss' name has also been mentioned for the second season.