Courtney Love is resurrecting her band Hole.

The wild rocker has ditched plans to release a solo album after deciding the tracks for the proposed record were more suited to her old band.

Courtney has now replaced founding Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson with British musician Micko Larkin - who previously was a member of Larrikin Love - while original bassist Melissa Auf Der Mar will provide backing vocals on the LP, titled 'Nobody's Daughter'.

Courtney said: "The record's gone from being an aspiration of Bob Dylan's 'Blood On The Tracks' and David Bowie's 'Diamond Dogs'. The guitars weren't as fat and fabulous as they should have been. It's now a huge fist-shaped Hole!"

Although the blonde musician - the widow of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain - has ditched two versions of the album and been working on it for around four years, she insists she will not copy Axl Rose and take 14 years to make an LP.

She added: "I'm not sitting here making 'Chinese Democracy'. I've had a lot of slings and arrows."