Crystal Renn is her own best friend.

The 28-year-old supermodel has revealed working in the fashion industry taught her how to rely on herself and gave her the confidence to do things on her own.

When asked about the best advice she'd been given throughout her career, Crystal told ''Be your own best friend. I always encourage women to learn how to travel, go to the cinema and dine on their own. It is a fast track to becoming more confident and self-reliant.

''As a model I have been challenged to do that regularly, and it has made a huge difference in my life.''

The stunning brunette - who labels ''ending the Jean Paul Gaultier show'' and ''working with Chanel'' among her career highlights - is now planning to use the creativity and knowledge she has gained to pursue her other passions.

She explained: ''I have been around some incredible inspiring and talented artists all living their passions. The next step for me would be taking the knowledge I have gained from them and my experiences in fashion and go forward to take part in all areas of self-expression.

''I am interested in design, photography, acting, styling, travel and directing. I love all the possibilities and want to experiment as much as I can because I think that is the best part of life, creation.''