Daniel Radcliffe has been working really hard in the past couple of years, trying to shed every last bit of that Harry Potter fame.

His latest film, Kill Your Darlings, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, Radcliffe portrays the late beat poet Alan Ginsberg, in 1944 when a murder brings him together with fellow writers and college classmates William Burroughs (Ben Foster) and Jack Kerouac (Jack Huston). An indie film you say? With writers as the main characters? If that isn’t hipster bait at its finest, we don’t know what is. Then again, the film does look like a big departure for Radcliffe, who recently discussed the experience of filming the gay sex scene in the film.

"It was something new," Radcliffe explains at the Kill after party. “But you know what, we shot that whole scene in maybe an hour and a half so it was incredibly fast-paced. I didn't really have time to stop to think and worry about it."

"John was very helpful in furnishing me with a lot of graphic detail of what I would be experiencing at the various stages," the actor added jokingly. It is also rumored that the scene is getting quite a reaction out of female audiences. Looks like Radcliffe is truly leaving his HP past behind and building himself a solid career.