As two of the big names behind Trainspotting come together again for T2, director Danny Boyle has revealed his "great shame" at the ten-year feud he and Ewan McGregor took part in after during the 90s and 00s.

Danny BoyleDirector Danny Boyle regrets his disagreement with actor, Ewan McGregor

Boyle also revealed he was very grateful to the 45-year-old actor for presenting him with a prestigious award after the two finally buried the hatchet.

The disagreement began when the lead in Boyle’s film, The Beach, went to American actor, Leonardo DiCaprio instead of McGregor.

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The Scottish star, who plays heroin addict Renton in T2, admitted he felt "rudderless" after being left out of The Beach after appearing in Boyle’s first three films.

McGregor said the snub wasn’t really about the film but more "about the friendship".

Boyle, 60, admitted he handled the situation badly.

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Boyle said: "I feel a great shame about it that is difficult to explain.

"He handled it with enormous grace and courage.

"Someone asked him to present an award to me for Slumdog Millionaire and he did it and made this amazing speech and I was in tears backstage.

"I’m very grateful to him."

The pair have teamed up again for the sequel to Trainspotting, T2, and are joined by all the old crew: Ewan Bremner, Johnny Lee Miller and Robert Carlyle.