Danny Boyle thinks Steve Jobs' working life was similar to that of a film director.

The 58-year-old movie-maker has helmed the new film about the Apple co-founder and has revealed he sees ''similarities'' between his chosen profession and what the tech whiz did on a day-to-day basis.

Speaking at the premiere of 'Steve Jobs' in London's Leicester Square, Danny told BANG Showbiz: ''[In the film], Seth Rogen - who's playing Steve Wozniak - says to him, 'You're not an engineer, you're not a designer, you can't compute, you can't code - what do you do?' And you know, you feel like that sometimes as a filmmaker. Because, you know, if the camera is broken, I can't fix them and I can't act and I can't do make-up or anything like that ... but you kind of try and have a vision of something that all the people who do have those abilities, you synthesize their talents to that one focal point.

''I'm not comparing myself to Steve Jobs, believe me, but there are some similarities to his job to what film directors do.''

Danny also said the new movie is distinguished from previous portrayals of Jobs' life because it doesn't give a distorted view of the Apple boss.

He said: ''One of the great things about doing a story of his like this is that doesn't follow exactly what Apple would like you to believe. It's actually independent from these huge companies and actually tells its own story.''