Daphne Guinness, the prominent artist of English, Irish and French descent, has gone some way to explaining how she keeps her slender figure. In a New Yorker feature piece, the magazine quotes Guinness as professing "I'll eat when I'm dead", after being offered a plate of food during a photo shoot.
Daphne was reportedly brought a plate of pasta by her assistant, but passed on the lunch, saying, "If I eat, I can't work", adding, "I'll eat when I'm dead". The New Yorker also revealed how the artist had existed solely on Red Bull and nutrition shakes for most of the day's shoot. Later in the interview, Daphne, who is heiress to the famous brewing family, revealed she had 2,500 pieces in her wardrobe as well as 450 pairs of shoes, 70 hats and 200 handbags. The artist hit the headlines earlier this year after a piece in The Sunday Times Magazine alleged she had called Victoria Beckham an "ugly pig". Guinness claimed the publication had "stitched her up", later telling Twitter followers, "I feel like killing myself, I have been stabbed in the back by that journalist".
The 43-year-old has three children, Nicolas, Alexis and Ines, from her marriage to the businessman SPYROS NIARCHOS.