Dave Navarro says collaborating with different artists is ''the best inspiration''.

The Jane's Addiction musician and former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist has said he loves getting together with other musicians to collaborate on different projects, as it helps him discover ''untapped resources'' he would never find on his own.

He said: ''Collaboration is rewarding. I think that the best inspiration, the best teachers, are the people that do what you do. I know what I sound like with Jane's Addiction, but I don't know what I sound like with Steve Vai, so going out to work with Steve was an incredible experience.

''Like art as well, I know how it looks in my head, but if you have someone else in the room, it can lead to accidents and mistakes, which are a treasure trove of untapped resources. And it's just fun! What could be better than learning from the people you admire?''

And Dave also said he enjoys playing guitar because it gives him ''a different voice among many'' when he's playing with a band.

He added to Metal Hammer magazine: ''Playing the guitar gives me a different voice among many. If we were a background group, a chorus, we all have a voice and I love the collaborative energy that takes place within that context. If you think about it, all of us in Jane's Addiction do a lot of different stuff. We all enjoy what we do together, but we all like exploring ourselves as well. We're lucky we can do Jane's when we want to, and do other things when we don't want to.

''It makes us more energetically focused when we are together. Those voices can find each other with more ease when we're relaxed and happy and fulfilled as individuals.''