David Blaine is back and more shocking than ever. For his next trick, the US performance artist will spend three days and three nights amid an artificial lightning storm. So what does this mean exactly? Well, Blaine will essentially stand amongst seven Tesla coils – electrical columns that shoot out a constant stream of lighting.

Speaking at the launch event on Tuesday (October 2, 2012), Blaine was quoted by the BBC as saying, “I had wanted to do this for years.” Though most people would cite jumping from a plane, swimming with sharks or driving a Ferrari as their most extreme desires, it seems the 39-year-old is pretty set on wearing a chain-mail suit and readily inviting electrical shocks. Blaine demonstrated how the stunt – named ‘Electrified: One Million Volts Always On’ – will work on Tuesday, shooting arcs of lightning out of his hands. The body suit will act as a barrier between himself and the extremely powerful electrical current while a visor and helmet will protect his eyes from ultraviolet radiation.

David Blaine’s street magic brought him early fame, though his past stunts have included sitting in a Perspex box in London for 44 days and standing on a pillar in New York for 35 hours. He’s also known for freaking out Eamonn Holmes on live UK television.