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20th August 2012

Tweet: "Having a party 2day..ex-wife #2(me) is having ex-wife #3(brooke) bday party at my house..oh & our ex-husband will be here. how's your Sunday?" Actress Denise Richards hosts her ex-husband Charlie Sheen and his third wife Brooke Mueller at her Los Angeles home as Mueller celebrates her 35th birthday.

26th July 2012

Tweet: "My nephew's going to a funeral today, his friend, 17 yrs old....the pain his parents & loved ones are going thru. sending them light &love". Actress Denise Richards feels for her young relative as he comes to terms with the death of a close pal.

20th July 2012

Tweet: "I think flying on about 25 flights in the last couple months has caught up with me...double ear infection & sore throat:( could be worse..." Actress Denise Richards is in pain after a jet-setting few weeks.

28th June 2012

Tweet: "I officially lost my voice...sick... off to la...filming Bethenny's show tomorrow". Actress Denise Richards has been left with a sore throat after promoting her new film, Tyler Perry's Madea's Witness Protection.

27th June 2012

Quote: "I'm open to dating. My publicist wants me to go out with a teacher - it would make her job easier!" Actress Denise Richards, who was previously married to Charlie Sheen, jokes about her headline-grabbing love life. She recently split from rock star Richie Sambora, who was previously married to her friend Heather Locklear.

13th June 2012

Quote: "He's gonna kill me for saying this (but) I think that Chuck Lorre is a brilliant writer and I liked Two and a Half Men too, but I think this is a whole different show." Actress Denise Richards on her ex-husband Charlie Sheen's former TV boss and his new show Anger Management. Lorre fired Sheen from Two and a Half Men last year (11) following a public dispute.

12th June 2012

Quote: "I'm way too old for him; he likes 20 year olds... but we have such a great relationship." Actress Denise Richards insists there's no chance she'll ever reconcile will ex-husband Charlie Sheen.

6th June 2012

Quote: "He and I are like best friends now. Confidants. He tells me everything." Actress Denise Richards on her relationship with ex-husband Charlie Sheen.

31st May 2012

Tweet: "Lola told her dad she wants a pony for her bday... so... guess who's responsible for trying to find a pony to adopt?" Actress Denise Richards is giving her daughter Lola an extravagant gift for her seventh birthday on Friday (01Jun12).

20th April 2012

Tweet: "Just got to the set of #AngerManagement yesterday was great..had fun working with @charliesheen" Actress Denise Richards is enjoying filming her cameo on her ex-husband's upcoming TV sitcom.

17th January 2012

Quote: "He is who he is. I can't change him. I've accepted him for who he is and he is a very colourful person... When we're together with the kids, he's sober... The kids wouldn't be around if he wasn't." Actress Denise Richards on wild ex-husband Charlie Sheen.

27th November 2011

Tweet: "Our poor baby kittens aren't doing well...took them to Dr. Rick..hopefully they'll take a turn for the better!" Actress Denise Richards is worried about her pet cats.

21st November 2011

Tweet: "We had no idea a cat we rescued was pregnant... so far one kitten was born.." Actress Denise Richards and her daughters are preparing for a house full of kittens.

28th October 2011

Tweet: "Baby Eloise is going as a banana! Her costume is so cute!!!" Denise Richards's adopted baby girl is going fruity this Halloween.

19th October 2011

Tweet: "Morning! Got the kids off to school...packing up our house moving this weekend back into our home we remodeled!" Actress Denise Richards is preparing for a busy weekend.

5th October 2011

Tweet: "So excited!! I'm going to be doing an episode of #30Rock! one of my favorite shows!!!!!" Actress Denise Richards has landed a guest appearance on hit U.S. sitcom 30 Rock.

28th September 2011

Tweet: "Getting house ready for our move... lots of spring cleaning... lots to donate!" Denise Richards is preparing to offload some personal possessions before her upcoming house move.

4th August 2011

Quote: "My parents really loved Charlie, and I did, so even though it was a whirlwind romance, and (we) married very quickly, they were very happy." Denise Richards' family approved of her 2002 marriage to controversial actor Charlie Sheen. The stars had two daughters together, but split in 2005.

29th July 2011

Quote: "Well, this isn't that hurtful, but it's weird - that I used to be a hooker. I used to be a Heidi Fleiss girl. I heard that rumour. If anyone would know, it would be Charlie." Denise Richards reveals the worst rumour she ever heard about herself was that she was a hooker for notorious madam Heidi Fleiss, who allegedly supplied her ex-husband Charlie Sheen with prostitutes in the 1990s.

20th July 2011

Tweet: "Today would have been my mom's birthday...not a day goes by that I don't think about you mom!!" Actress Denise Richards pays tribute to her late mother, Joni, who lost her battle with cancer in 2007.

20th July 2011

Quote: "I love my girls. But I think I'll have another one when I meet the right partner." Actress Denise Richards is already planning to expand her family in the future after adopting baby girl Eloise, a little sister for daughters Sam, seven, and Lola, six.

4th July 2011

Tweet: "Happy Birthday to the man who appears to have discovered the fountain of youth!...xo" Actress Denise Richards sends birthday wishes to Tom Cruise, who turned 49 on Sunday (03Jul11).

14th June 2011

Fact: A star-studded crowd, including Ashlee Simpson, Denise Richards, Christina Milian and Minnie Driver turned out in force with their children on Sunday (12Jun11) to enjoy a celebrity picnic to raise money for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation. More than 100 stars turned out for the event in Los Angeles to take part in a range of games and activities.

2nd March 2011

Quote: "Awesome, awesome. Top gun, rock star." Embattled actor Charlie Sheen praises his ex-wife Denise Richards for supporting him throughout his recent troubles.

25th February 2011

Fact: Former Bond girl Denise Richards has signed up to present a once-a-month animal adoption segment on U.S. TV news show Access Hollywood Live. The actress, who is a longtime supporter of Utah-based Best Friends Animal Society, will debut her new TV spot on Friday (25Feb11).

24th December 2010

Quote: "They made a whole list. They were very specific on what they want from Santa." Denise Richards' daughters with ex Charlie Sheen can expect a lot of gifts under the tree this year.

22nd December 2010

Quote: "I'm a huge GUNS N' ROSES fan and I'd love Slash and Axl (Rose) to reunite." Former Bond girl Denise Richards is dreaming of a reunion for her favourite band.

30th November 2010

Quote: "I'm learning to live without her and it gets easier, but the loss doesn't." Actress Denise Richards still struggles to come to terms with the death of her mother Joni, who lost her battle with cancer on 1 December, 2007.

30th November 2010

Quote: "It went great, we had a nice Thanksgiving. Charlie came over, my dad was there, it was us and some friends, and it was great." Actress Denise Richards enjoyed a happy Thanksgiving holiday with her ex-husband Charlie Sheen, their two daughters and other family members last week (25Nov10).

1st November 2010

Fact: Denise Richards is preparing to launch her own line of hair care products next year (11). The actress is developing the You by Denise Richards line with celebrity stylist Cristophe.

20th October 2010

Quote: "It's not going to be salacious. I've been through a lot, but I want it to be something positive and inspiring." Actress Denise Richards insists her upcoming memoirs will not be full of attacks on her ex-husband Charlie Sheen.

3rd June 2010

Fact: Embattled actor Charlie Sheen celebrated his daughter LOLA's fifth birthday by visiting Disneyland in California with his ex-wife Denise Richards and their two kids on Tuesday (01Jun10). Sheen is expected to enter a no contest plea to third degree assault and begin serving jail time in Colorado on Monday (07Jun10) in relation to a Christmas Day (25Dec10) attack on his estranged wife Brooke Mueller. The actor will serve and estimated 17 days of a 30-day sentence at the Pitkin County jail.

21st December 2009

Quote: "Brittany Murphy was in Drop Dead Gorgeous with me and was the sweetest and most adorable (girl). Tragic, sad & devastating. Her poor family." Denise Richards pays tribute to BRITTANY MURPHY on after hearing news of her death on Sunday (20Dec09), aged just 32.

25th August 2009

Quote: "I've had so much stuff written about me; that one I was actually kind of flattered... but it's not true." Bond girl Denise Richards admits she's flattered by reports she's dating THE HANGOVER star Bradley Cooper.

11th June 2009

Quote: "I did do a video with one boyfriend but we erased it quickly. It was just not a very attractive video." Former Bond girl Denise Richards is relieved a sex tape she once starred in is no more.

5th June 2009

Quote: "She turned four on Monday and we went to Disneyland, and then that night her dad came over with his wife and we had cake and ice cream and it was nice." Denise Richards is still on good terms with ex-husband Charlie Sheen after the former couple came together to celebrate their daughter Lola's birthday this week (01Jun09). The actress and Sheen recently put their bitter divorce and custody battle behind them for the sake of their daughters Sam and Lola.

3rd May 2009

Fact: Former Bond girl Denise Richards belted out an off-key version of baseball anthem Take Me Out To The Ball Game during the seventh inning stretch at the Chicago Cubs game with the Florida Marlins at Wrigley Field on Friday (01May09).

24th March 2009

Quote: "I had a broken toe, so doing the quickstep with a broken toe is a little uncomfortable... You have to tape it." Actress Denise Richards admits she's among the walking wounded on the current season of TV show Dancing With The Stars. Fellow contestant Jewel has already bowed out with a leg injury, actor Gilles Marini has a separated shoulder and Steve-O has sprained a vessel in his bottom.

20th January 2009

Quote: "I’m so excited about the change. She is a class act, especially with our economy; she has been very cautious about how to dress on a budget and that’s very inspiring." Actress Denise Richards on America's new First Lady, Michelle Obama.

19th June 2008

Quote: "I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs. I just swear." Former Bond girl Denise Richards on her one and only vice.

5th June 2008

Quote: "It feels like my first real marriage. The first one was a show, the second was a con, and this one is the real deal." Newlywed Charlie Sheen takes a dig at ex wives DONNA PEELE and Denise Richards.

31st May 2008

Quote: "(I'll send) something from the girls. At the end of the day, he's their dad. They have to understand that." Denise Richards will put her rift with ex-husband Charlie Sheen aside for one day on Friday (30May08) when their daughters Lola and Sam attend Sheen's wedding to Brooke Mueller.

22nd May 2008

Quote: "I asked my parents what happened to me for me to be afraid of vomiting. I don't know. It's kind of ridiculous. But I'm sort of getting over it because I have two girls." Denise Richards on her fear of vomit.

1st April 2008

Quote: "Even at the end, when things were really dire for my mother, she was never negative. There was an inner strength about her." Actress Denise Richards admires her late mum Joni, who died of cancer last November (07).

16th February 2008

Fact: Former Bond girl Denise Richards owns 10 dogs, two guinea-pigs and two Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs.

8th October 2007

Fact: Actress Denise Richards has placed her five-bedroom Hidden Hills, California home on the market for $3.9 million (GBP1.95 million), and has bought a nearby mansion for $4.6 million (GBP2.3 million).

11th July 2007

Fact: Former Bond girl Denise Richards is the spokesperson for a new pink lemonade-flavoured energy drink, called Her. Proceeds from sales will go towards charities benefitting battered women and breast cancer.

25th June 2007

Quote: "I'm truly not one to give advice. I'm divorced and I stole my best friend's husband." Denise Richards refuses to reveal her opinions about Paris Hilton's jail sentence.

6th December 2006

Quote: "Divorce is ugly... I will never go through another one, ever." Newly-single actress Denise Richards.

4th July 2006

Fact: Denise Richards is looking to make a quick sale on her former California home by putting it on the market for the same price she paid for it - $4.3 million (GBP2.4 million). The mansion is a stone's throw away from the home her lover Richie Sambora used to share with his estranged actress wife HEATHER LOCKLEAR.

6th May 2006

Quote: "I've always made a general rule, when I was dating, that I would stay away from my a friend of mine's ex." Michael Douglas frowns on reports that Denise Richards is dating her pal Heather Locklear's estranged husband Richie Sambora.

3rd May 2006

Fact: Charlie Sheen and Heather Locklear are sharing the same attorney, LANCE SPIEGEL, as they battle their respective partners, Denise Richards and Richie Sambora, over custody matters in their bitter divorce disputes.

27th April 2006

Quote: "(She's) a young woman in trouble. My heart goes out to her." Martin Sheen talks about his soon to be ex-daughter-in-law Denise Richards' bitter divorce from his son Charlie Sheen.

26th April 2006

Fact: Angry Charlie Sheen is planning to laser his estranged wife Denise Richards out of his life - at the launch of his kids clothing line, Sheen Kidz, on Saturday (22APR06), the actor wore a piece of white tape over Denise's name, which he had tattooed on his left wrist before the couple wed in 2002.

29th January 2006

Quote: <p>"I said, 'My son's name is named CHARLIE, so it'll be perfect - because I have a bunk bed that already says Charlie on it.'" Actor Jon Cryer offers TWO + A HALF MEN co-star Charlie Sheen a place to stay now his divorce from Denise Richards is back on. </p>

8th December 2005

Quote: <p>"That's one movie that will stay on the shelf." Denise Richards insists her daughters SAM and LOLA will never see her three-way sex scene in cult movie Wild Things. </p>

5th October 2005

Fact: <p>Former Bond girl Denise Richards' new US sitcom SEX, LOVE + SECRETS has been axed after just one episode. </p>

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