Ed Sheeran took Beyoncé and Jay Z to a ''dive bar''.

The couple watched the 'Thinking Out Loud' hitmaker perform in Brooklyn, New York before heading backstage to meet up with the singer so they could head out on the town.

Ed shared: ''It was really random but I grew up listening to them and then suddenly I was sat across from them eating a slice of pizza like, 'You alright?' 'What's going on?'

''I didn't really know what they'd be up for so I was like, 'My mate owns a dive bar if you wanna go and do some shots' and we turned up and there was a folk jam going on and we jammed some folk. They're the coolest coolest people; they're just open to whatever.''

That was not the first crazy after party the 24-year-old star has experienced after he recalled a Bollywood-themed celebration he was a part of following his concert in Mumbai, India.

Speaking on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, he said: ''We went and played in Mumbai in India and loads of Bollywood actors came. And I've never seen a Bollywood film before in my life but all I know is that it's very vibrant and happy and they get near to kissing and go and dance away and that's the whole thing.

''But we got invited to one of their houses after and it was a wedding they'd just done and it was me and four dudes from Streatham, which is in South London, in Bollywood learning how to [dance]. I ate a load of curry. I was chatting to this woman for about two hours, thinking she was 21; it turned out she was 50 - so they age really well as well.''