Ed Sheeran wants some time off.

The 'Don't' hitmaker has revealed that rather than begin work on a new album he intends to take some time off from work once he's finished his world tour next year.

He explained: ''I haven't had any time off since before I signed my record deal and I want some! I'll do what I enjoy and it won't feel like work.''

The 23-year-old star - who has enjoyed huge success with his debut album 'Plus' and its 2014 follow-up 'X' - has teased fans that he's been working on a Christmas song, but admitted it won't be released in time for this years' festive season.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''[The Christmas song] won't be out this Christmas.

''I have 'Thinking Out Loud' as a single going into Christmas.

''If I saw an artist have a string of hits, an album that did well, a hit going into Christmas and then they did a Christmas single I'd think, 'Ooh, that's overkill'.

''If my song came out next year or the year after, when I haven't released anything for a while, it will be bigger.''

Meanwhile, Ed has also confessed 'Thinking Out Loud' could be the last single he releases from 'X', as he hopes to mirror the success of other popular artists.

He added: ''Three is a good number. I did six on the last album and it felt too much.

''You never go away and people get p**sed off. Bruno Mars did three. Taylor Swift did three. Adele did three.

''I'll probably end up with four singles so I have a song to go into the Brit Awards with next year.''