Yesterday, Elisabetta Canalis showed that she's game for a laugh, posing on a yacht with Sacha Baron Cohen for a promotional stunt at Cannes film festival. The 33 year old model joined Sacha on a yacht, as he dressed up in full costume as Admiral General Aladeen, the title character from his latest comedy The DICtator.
The paparazzi would most likely have been satisfied with a few snaps of Elisa sunning herself in her skimpy pink bikini but having lured them to the shore, she and Sacha put on a far more humorous show than the attendant press had been expecting. According to The Sun, the couple started out by oiling each other up with sun lotion, before Elisa took a peek inside The DICtator's underpants. She then began making fun of the size his manhood, before being bundled inside the yacht. He returned, moments later, with what looked to be a body bag, which he promptly chucked overboard, seemingly leaving the glamorous model to the sharks. Press reports are reassuringly referring to the publicity stunt as a prank, so fans of George Clooney's ex needn't worry too much about her wellbeing.
Sacha Baron Cohen clearly isn't happy to settle for the usual round of press junkets and photo calls to promote The DICtator. For months, now, he has being doing his best to disrupt the decorum of film industry events in order to grab a slice of attention for the movie. Yesterday, he even arrived at Cannes on a camel. which he promptly fell off the back of. Hopefully the movie will provide as many laughs as the publicity stunts that he's pulling to promote it.