Review of The White One is Evil Single by Elliot Minor

Elliot Minor
The White One is Evil
Single Review

Elliot Minor The White One is Evil Single

'What the hell is this?' can surely be the only first words one can utter when faced with the sonic strangeness that is Elliot Minor's third single.

Dancing like a prize fighter out of reach of genre generalisations, this appears to be the sort of orchestral, classical rock of the type that Queen were so good at.
Guitars vie with tinkling pianos and strings in this aural feast, with the vocals sounding more trans Atlantic that the band's York heritage would suggest. Tempos range from manic to laidback, and the orchestral element feels a natural part rather than an afterthought add-on. There's even a proper guitar solo!

Whether or not this sort of stuff actually floats one's boat or not, it's certainly quirky, clever and refreshing break from the norm.

Richard Edge

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