DUMB & DUMBERER: WHEN HARRY MET LLOYD star Eric Christian Olsen has missed out on playing unlikely superhero RALPH HINKLEY in a new movie - because the money ran out on the project.
The actor has revealed he was all set to play Hinkley's Greatest American Hero, but the film's budget was so big cameras won't roll on it.
In the 1980s TV series, which was to be adapted to the big screen as an Olsen project, William Katt played Hinkley, a schoolteacher who discovers a magical super-suit and becomes a hero.
Olsen tells MovieHole.net, "I booked that movie, but they didn't have financing in place. Because the budget was so huge they couldn't get the money.
"It was a really funny script - about a reluctant hero who gets in way over his head - and it had a lot of really cool stunts... Then we get a phonecall just as we were starting the deal to say they hadn't got the financing. I'm not attached anymore.
"Never got to that place - only got to reading the original contracts; no super-suit."