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Exit Ten
This World, They'
ll Drown
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Exit Ten This World Album

It's is intriguing to spot when producers become uber-producers, when their often overlooked talents become a key element in developing a band's sound and direction.. In some cases the producer becomes the proverbial Midas touch, cleverly adding that final golden seal of approval. Such appears to be the case with Andy Sneap. Mr Sneap is the producer to be seen with if you are a metalcore act. It's been the case for bands such as Trivium, and following in their footsteps with debut mini album 'This World, They'll Drown' is Reading's Exit Ten.

The band combine the traditional metalcore trademark melodic / aggressive vocals with the ability to compose soaring, anthemic songs. Ryan Redman's vocals are a rare treat. His range and depth of vocal character is backed by the rest of the band's punchy, tight playing, and some clever use of dynamics in terms of songwriting.

There is a lot of hype surrounding E10 at present, and in many ways it's well deserved. You can't help but think that some traditional hard times on the road and more time together as a band is really going to be the making of them – until then this is an admirable debut.

Richard Edge

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