Actress Fran Drescher is urging fans to check the chemical content of everyday household products in a bid to stave off cancer.
The former The Nanny star, who survived uterine cancer, has launched the Trash Cancer website to help consumers become familiar with toxins found in skincare, food and cleaning agents.
The site also features survivors' stories, healthy recipes and government petitions to ban carcinogens.
In a video clip, Drescher explains, "We have to start thinking about the products that we clean our home with, that we put on our skin and what we put into our mouths. There are so many toxins that we expose ourselves to that are now being linked to many different health issues like infertility, developmental issues and, of course, cancer.
"You can start to recognise what chemicals are on the 'iffy' list, what chemicals are considered carcinogens... so you can make better, more informed decisions for you and your family. We want to live a preventative lifestyle, find out what the causes of cancer are and eliminate them.
"If given the choice and you have some education and information, you may choose one product over another. Just become an educated consumer, be a medical consumer. Learn the early warning whispers of the cancers that might affect you, and the tests that are available."