Gabrielle says grey hairs should be worn "with pride".

The 'Out of Reach' hitmaker doesn't have many silver locks herself, but even if she did, she wouldn't mind because she has embraced the ageing process.

She said: "I’m going to be 52 this year. So what? I’m enjoying it.

When I turned 40, my mum said: ‘You’re the happiest 40-year-old I know.’ I was shocked people got upset about it. I couldn’t wait to be 40. And then I couldn’t wait to be 50. I’m loving it. I’m lucky I don’t have many grey hairs, but I shouldn’t say lucky because you should wear them with pride. If you want to colour it, that’s fine, too, but it’s a badge of honour just to be here to see my grey hairs. I’ve had friends who died young. I bet they’d love to be able to sit around here complaining about things they’re not happy with."

The 'Dreams' singer wears an eyepatch on one eye due to ptosis, which causes the drooping or falling of the upper eyelid, and insisted she is a "middle-aged woman enjoying [her] differences", while she hinted at dyeing her hair a "wild colour" one day.

She added to The Daily Mail: "When I started out as a singer, I didn’t have that naturally beautiful look. I came out wearing an eye patch, with hair gelled to my scalp. I hope I batted away all the misconceptions about what people think a woman, or a black woman, should look like.

"I’m not a size 8. But I’m happy to live with who I am. I’m a middle-aged woman enjoying my differences. I have half my head shaved. Maybe I’ll dye it a wild colour. I just want to experiment.

"For some of us, it takes longer to be happy and self-accepting than others. But why wait until you’re 50? I hope more women can enjoy life from a younger age, too."