EA's FIFA series is the best footballing game on the market, a market that it has dominated for around a decade and a half. And it's back with a new and improved version, FIFA 12, coming 30th September to shops near you.

This year FIFA is bringing its innovative new 'Player impact Engine' to the table. It has been in development for two years and delivers real world physics with every tackle and every piece of contact that happens in the match. This links in with the new injury engine, where the force of impact of the tackle is measured in order to decide how bad the injury is. Precision dribbling has also been added, which includes new ways to take on players and the utilization of close control dribbling.

FIFA have also put a lot of emphasis on the new 'Pro Player Intelligence' which means, for example, players with higher vision ratings will be able to pick out through balls from further away, as well as being able to decide which team mate is the better option to play through, depending on their pace and ball control ratings. EA have also improved the match experience for FIFA 12, giving a new, more TV like camera angle, and drastically improving the pitch lighting. This comes with a change of commentator, with the introduction of Alan Smith, to replace controversial figure Andy Gray, to partner Martin Tyler on the gantry. ITV's Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend can be heard commentating in the game's tournament mode, but can also be selected to be the main commentators too, if you fancy a change.

Career Mode has undergone a major overhaul, too. As producer Dave Rutter said to gamrFeed, "This is Year 2 of the progression of Career Mode, and we focused on developing a more intelligent game mode to authentically replicate real-world football in every way". With a new transfer system, it's been made so that the big clubs stick to signing the big named players, and the smaller clubs opt to sign free agents. This makes the game more realistic and will provide the player with a great challenge when trying to take a lower league team to world domination.

You're spoilt for choice, too, with over 500 officially licensed teams and 15,000 players. So, pick your team, and kick off.