Garth Brooks feels like Trisha Yearwood's ''arm candy.''

The country singer, who has been married to the 'Woman Before Me' hitmaker for 19 years, claims she is much more popular with their fans.

The 52-year-old star, who is currently on tour with his wife, told ''My wife is the cool one. Wherever we go she knows everybody and everybody knows her. At home in Oklahoma, I'm Mr. Yearwood. When we travel, I'm just her arm candy.''

The 'If Tomorrow Never Comes' hitmaker, who has three daughters, Taylor, 22, August, 20, and Allie, 18, with Trisha, is gearing up to release his first studio album in 14 years, 'Man Against Machine,' next month and didn't write many of the tracks because he was too busy being a parent.

He said: ''When I was off, I was really off, being a parent 24/7. I wasn't writing. I didn't trust my pen yet on this album, I'm not there yet. So I went with the songs that I wish I could have written, that say what I want to say. This album is who I am right now.''