Gary Barlow talks to his dogs at the end of his one-man show.

The Take That frontman is currently appearing on London's West End with the show 'A Different Stage', in which he narrates the story of his life accompanied by the music from his career, and revealed that he converses with his pooches Cooksy and Hugo when he returns home as part of his post-show ritual.

Gary, 51, told The Sun newspaper: "After I finish, I usually just stay here and warm my voice down.

"Then, usually, by the time we've got out of here, said hello to everyone waiting outside, I head home and sit and talk to the dogs for a bit."

The star revealed that the new theatre project is unlike anything he has previously done and he is embracing the "thrill" of starring in the show.

Gary explained: "Performing solo is always very different from being in the band.

"However, this is different than even my usual solo work. It's like nothing I've done before.

"All I can describe it as, is it's like you're driving a really fast car and you're not a very good driver. That's how it feels.

"But somehow, I'm keeping this car on the road. It's thrilling - every single night."

Gary has promised that Take That will be returning in 2023 with a new album and tour as the 'Back for Good' hitmakers - also comprising Mark Owen and Howard Donald - have been focusing on solo projects this year.

Speaking on 'The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show' on BBC Radio 2, he said: "So there's a lot of Take That stuff coming up in the future. And just to answer your question properly, yes, we're back together next year.

"Brand new music coming your way."