Gary Barlow has allegedly threatened to quit the UK version of the X Factor following his falling out with fellow judge Louis Walsh over an apparent voting scam.

According to Perez Hilton, the feud stretches back to last Sunday’s show (October 7, 2012) Walsh, who was seemingly gunning for contestant Carolynne Poole to progress to the next round, was instructed by the show’s producer Richard Holloway (who is said to be best friends with Simon Cowell) to vote in a particular way that would ultimately lead to Poole being eliminated from the show. Now Gary, who is head judge on the show, is not a happy bunny at all and after a spat with Louis, the former Take That star is now threatening to leave the show amidst the controversy. Gary, who immediately stormed off the set after the result was announced, is said to have had a meeting with the show’s execs afterwards to give his ultimatum: no more faking, otherwise he is leaving.

Gary isn’t the only one to clock on to the unusual voting habits either, as an estimated 1,000 people called into the show and an independent media watchdog to complain about how the show was being run.

If that wasn’t a big enough headache for SiCo and Holloway, it also turns out that fellow judge Nicole Scherzinger is also pretty peeved at the way the show is going and at her stint on the show, and she is also readying herself to hand in her notice from the show.