George Harrison's musician son Dhani had an emotional experience recording the Beautiful Creatures soundtrack because he made the album in the legendary Abbey Road Studios.

When he was young, Dhani often tagged along with his dad to the fabled London studio, which became synonymous with Harrison's group The Beatles and even lent its name to the band's 1969 album.

However, it was only when Dhani's band, thenewno2, was tapped to score the music for supernatural movie Beautiful Creatures that he was presented with his first opportunity to record there.

He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "I spent my whole life in and out of Abbey Road. Recording at Abbey Road was emotional: My first time recording there, my first time hearing something we composed for an orchestra of that size and my first major Hollywood film soundtrack."

The 34 year old came up with soaring arrangements for the orchestra, and even recruited guests including Ben Harper and The Hollies' Tony Hicks, who is dad to Dhani's bandmate Paul.

Dhani adds, "I was able to put a 54-piece orchestra in Studio 2, which is really weird. It's where my dad spent a lot of his formative years, as well as Paul's dad (Hicks), who recorded in Studio 1."