Geri Horner's daughter was ''surprised'' at how good she was on CBBC's 'Celebrity Supply Teacher'.

Bluebell, 14 - the 47-year-old singer's oldest child - gave Geri a brutally honest review of her role on the show and admitted she was shocked by how well her mother did.

Speaking to Zoe Ball on the Radio 2 Breakfast Show, Geri said: ''It's quite fun actually, my daughter said it was pretty good, she goes 'Mum, I'm surprised!' They're so honest aren't they, the kids, brutally!''

Geri also spoke about her own experiences at school, saying: ''I think the teacher really matters because actually I preferred some subjects that weren't necessarily that interesting. I had a German teacher, Frau Schmidt, who was so amazing it brought the lesson alive for me, and my English teacher Miss Medina, she was fantastic as well and so I loved those subjects. Whereas I had this chemistry teacher, I not going to name his name, but it was so dull I was like 'uuugggh', but it really does matter.''

Geri and a host of other famous faces - including the likes of Matthew Morrison, Marcus Rashford, Gary Lineker, Tim Peake, Ricky Wilson, Heston Blumenthal and Kelis - have been drafted in to deliver some fun-filled lessons amid the Covid-19 lockdown.

The star - who offered her own tips on creating a great story - previously said: ''I absolutely love writing - it's a passion, so sharing the power of words on CBBC was a lot of fun.

''Together we can transport ourselves and create exciting, magical stories.''

Elsewhere, Gary - who presents 'Match of the Day' - is set to teach Spanish during the lockdown.

The former England international - who became fluent in Spanish during his playing days with Barcelona - said: ''I am delighted to be involved with CBBC's 'Celebrity Supply Teacher' series.

''Learning Spanish when I moved to Barcelona in 1986 was good fun. It helped me then and ever since. Enjoy the experience. It's exciting!''

Meanwhile, Heston will be showing viewers how to make the ultimate strawberry sundae.

The celebrity chef explained: ''It was certainly a very different way of filming but it was a lot of fun being CBBC's 'Celebrity Supply Teacher' for a day.

''There are so many exciting and delicious things to learn in the kitchen and it all starts with finding out how our senses work together to create flavour so this was the theme of my lesson.

''I chose to make a strawberry ice cream sundae, which I hope inspires the younger viewers and their families to get cooking and begin a deeper relationship with their food.''

'Celebrity Supply Teacher' will begin on June 8 on CBBC and BBC iPlayer.