Gwyneth Paltrow learned about oral sex from Rob Lowe's wife.

The 47-year-old actress met Sheryl Berkoff - who married the actor in 1991 after eight years together - when she was a teenager and the make-up artist was working with her mom, Blythe Danner, and was ''immediately obsessed'' with her because she was so ''cool''.

Joining Sheryl, 56, on her husband's 'Literally! With Rob Lowe' podcast, Gwyneth said: ''I met Sheryl when I was 15 or 16.

''She was doing my mom's makeup on this TV movie, and I went down to visit. It was in Florida. I met Sheryl, and I was like immediately obsessed with her.

''First of all, she was dating Keanu Reeves, who was my celebrity crush. And she was so cool.

''And she knew that I was sneaking cigarettes, and she would come smoke with me behind the trailer, and she taught me how to give a blow job, and you know, all the classic Sheryl stuff.''

The 'Politician' actress - who has children Apple, 16, and 14-year-old Moses with ex-husband Chris Martin and is now married to Brad Falchuk - didn't share the specifics of Sheryl's tips but praised her for being so open about sexual matters because they weren't conversations she was used to having.

She said: ''It was less about remembering the technique -- although I'm sure that I implemented it the first chance I got.

''It was so cool to have someone treat me like an adult and see me as like a young woman and someone who is sexual. She just made me feel so free,''

Gwyneth, 47, admitted she ''worshipped'' Sheryl because she was so ''awesome''.

She gushed: ''I just worshipped her. I thought she was literally the coolest chick of all time.

''She was so awesome to me. And I was a high school kid. Like, the fact that she's loved me that much before I was anyone or anything, you know?''