Heidi Klum has slammed rumours that she only eats 900 calories a day as “insane.”

The 50-year-old supermodel was misreported to be living on such a small amount of food to maintain her trim figure and felt the need to speak out on social media over the issue in case fans tried to emulate such an “impossible” diet.

She told ExtraTV: “That is 100% not true. I don't even know where this came from. And this is why I had to step in and say something. People write things about you all the time. And most of the time there aren't true. But when I feel like it's about other people's health, then I feel like I have to step in. “I've never counted my calories. I never had to, I can kind of eat what I want.

“I eat right for many, many years, you know, I feel like it's all about the right choices, picking the right choices, and I know what is right from wrong for my body. But like to say that I only take 900 calories a day, it is insane.”

The ’America’s Got Talent’ judge went on to add that it was “unfair” to those reading the false rumours because eating so few calories each day would be “unhealthy” for most people.

She added: “And to write that, because that is nothing. You know, I'm five, nine, I'm 138. How is that even possible? So I feel like it's unfair to all the people who are reading this who want to follow or possibly want to look like me. And then they only eat 900 calories a day that is unhealthy for most people. So I feel like you know, I had to step in and say something.”