Now that the new Bridget Jones’ Diary book has a name – Mad About The Boy – all that’s left to do is get excited about what’s in it, and look forward to the new film. Luckily, the book’s author, Helen Fielding, has opened up on exactly that.

So what obstacles does Bridget face in the latest instalment of her diary? Well, modern media is certainly one of them. The advent of Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Tumblr - all these platforms, occurred between her 90’s outing and now, and that’s certainly something she has to get to grips with. Fielding suggested that her creation will be dealing with the pressures women face to look like stars "on the red carpet," or the "gap" between how we're told we should be and "how we are inside." She added that the third book is a "fun" book, adding, " I'm not trying to write social commentary." Comedy, she said, "always comes from a place of truth."

But while information on the book is flowing steady, and gossip on the film has been sparse. In fact, whenever the film is mentioned, we either get told it’s a long way away, or that there’s no information. "I do think it would make a good movie," said Fielding, who, according to U.S Weekly seemed uneasy with the subject, probably because it’s premature. She would, however, like to see Rene Zellweger return to the role that shot her to prominence. "Yes, she's wonderful," she said.

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