Helena Bonham Carter felt like she had "come home" when she met Tim Burton.

The British actress - who raises children Billy, seven and Nell, three, with the US director - has the same "moral values" as her long-term partner and she enjoys being with him because of how creative he is.

She said: "There are a lot of things we've got in Common; we've got the same moral values and the same humour which can be quite playful and childish. I also like how creative Tim is. We feel so comfortable with each other. It's as if I've finally come home."

However, when they first met on the set of 2001 movie 'Planet Of The Apes' - which he directed and she starred in - the pair did not hit it off immediately.

She told German website Tele 5: "Me and Tim weren't really close during shooting; we hardly talked to each other. Only a few months later we met again and hit it off straight away."

Despite the pair's closeness, 44-year-old Helena has previously revealed she would like to work with directors other than him.

She joked: "I am available for work other than with the boyfriend. And I will certainly make it a calmer, easier, happier set to work on."