It's true that the media has been less than sympathetic towards the President's daughter Ivanka Trump, but after she is revealed to have misquoted Albert Einstein on social media a couple of years ago, the internet is showing absolutely no mercy. It seems like this is another example of 'alternative facts'.

Ivanka Trump arriving at West Palm Beach with her familyIvanka Trump arriving at West Palm Beach with her family

Ivanka Trump can really do no right in the eyes of the left-wing media, but when she quotes one of the greatest theoretical physicists the world has ever seen as saying something as inane as what she wrote, it's hard to see how you can blame the critics.

''If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts.' - Albert Einstein', she wrote on Twitter one Sunday evening in 2013. 

Unsurprisingly, Einstein fans around the world jumped on this comment when it resurfaced online this week, pointing out that nowhere in the world has he been quoted as saying that - apart from unreliable 'inspirational quote' websites like 

It has been suggested that the misquote comes from a comment that Einstein made to a student when proving his theory of general relativity. According to Abraham Paris' biography of the scientist, 'Einstein, Subtle is the Lord: The Science and the Life of Albert Einstein', the student asked what he would have said had he not been able to prove his theory, to which he replied (albeit in German): 'Then I would have to pity the dear Lord. The theory is correct anyway'. 

Of course, it could have been a joke, given that Einstein has never been the most serious of geniuses. Still, it makes sense that a member of the Trump family would totally own the suggestion that he made up his own facts.

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An author named Colin Dickey pointed out the beautiful irony of the Tweet. 'The fact that Einstein never said any such thing only makes this tweet that much more perfect', he said