Celebrity astrologer Jackie Stallone has accused her son SYLVESTER STALLONE's wife Jennifer Flavin of "pretending" to like her for 10 years, then turning on her mother-in-law once she was married.

Sylvester wed his third wife, model Flavin, in May 1997 after failed marriages to Brigitte Nielsen and SASHA CZACK.

But Jackie, 81, says, "Frankly I don't like her, she's not my type. She doesn't like me either.

"She pretended to like me for 10 years and then the day she hooked him, she said, 'Now listen Jackie, I am married now. I have my own mother. I have my own life. I think you understand, don't you?'

"Well, I couldn't believe what was happening. But I did send Sylvester a letter to tell him what I thought of her and he was dumb enough to let her read it. That made it even worse."

09/03/2005 17:51