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9th October 2014

Fact: Actor James Marsden showed off his singing skills by leading a rendition of Garth Brooks' classic Friends in Low Places during a visit to U.S. disc jockey Ryan Seacrest's morning radio show on Wednesday (08Oct14). The Hairspray star was backed by country music trio Lady Antebellum, who joined in on vocals and guitar.

8th October 2014

Fact: Actor James Marsden showed off his singing skills during a radio interview with Los Angeles-based Dj Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday (08Oct14) when he joined country trio Lady Antebellum for a rendition of Garth Brooks' Friends in Low Places. The band has two tracks on the soundtrack of Marsden's new film Best of Me.

16th June 2014

Fact: Actors Jack Black and James Marsden showed off their wild sides at Hollywood hot spot Saddle Ranch in Los Angeles on Saturday (14Jun14) by hopping on a mechanical bull for separate rides in front of a cheering crowd. The pair is currently filming comedy D-Train together.

13th December 2013

Quote: "I would dig into the right side of my leg. I would pinch myself. You have to do something to create pain." Actor James Marsden had to pinch himself while filming Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues so he wouldn't break character and laugh while filming scenes with hilarious co-stars like Will Ferrell and Steve Carell.

22nd November 2013

Quote: "I just find sex scenes uncomfortable. I've done scenes with women who were topless, and you're hyperaware of not staring at their chests. You're never thinking, 'Wow, this is really exciting!' You just think, 'How can I reassure this actress I'm not a total perv?'" X-Men star James Marsden doesn't like sex scenes.

22nd November 2013

Quote: "I have a long history of weird relationships onscreen. I once date-raped Mayim Bialik on a very special episode of Blossom." Actor James Marsden has a bad guy Tv past.

21st November 2013

Quote: "One day we needed a guy, so I called Leo to play. He said sure. It was just as his career was taking off." X-Men star James Marsden on his basketball court friendship with a young Leonardo DiCaprio.

13th September 2012

Quote: "It's a big blow-'em-up movie. There's a lot of fight scenes, which is different for me because I'm usually the prince in Disney movies... I'm being beaten by both of them; I had a couple of fight scenes, one with Denzel and one with Mark and I got the wrong end of the stick in both of them." Enchanted star James Marsden was beaten up by Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington in new action film Two Guns.

12th September 2012

Quote: "I would go to sleep listening to the podcasts of his speeches... I had a tough time with 'hemisphere'... I had to deliver some of his speeches, which was pretty cool (but) it's a daunting thing stepping into those shoes." Actor James Marsden on mastering John F. Kennedy's distinctive Boston, Massachusetts accent for new biopic The Butler.

9th September 2011

Quote: "There's a big controversial scene in the original and in ours as well that defines the movie... It's a controversial rape scene... There's nothing like a rape (scene) to get people into the theatres." Actor James Marsden on his Straw Dogs remake.

1st April 2011

Fact: X-Men star James Marsden got his big break at 16 as a news anchor on his local TV news channel breakfast show Good Morning Oklahoma.

29th March 2011

Quote: "I can't really comment on it... (but) I would embrace it. It would be a fun transformation, but I don't really know what's... Nothing's official." Movie star James Marsden on reports he is in talks to play Larry in the stalled Three Stooges film.

5th October 2010

Fact: Actor James Marsden donned his trainers to participate in the Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Triathlon on Sunday (03Oct10) in Venice Beach.

14th October 2008

Quote: "I was the second choice to play Daniel Day Lewis' part in THERE WILL BE BLOOD and they said it's because I'm too attractive. I think, by now, I'd have at least five or six Oscars so, yeah, it has definitely hindered me." X-Men star James Marsden jokes about the curse of good looks.

25th April 2008

Quote: "I'd take hanging out at home with my wife and kids over a party any day. You can get caught up in a bubble in Hollywood. We lead a normal life - we just hang out, eat dinner. I go to the grocery store." X-Men actor James Marsden insists he's a family man at heart.

24th April 2008

Quote: "I'm a bar of soap sort of guy. I'll slap on a bit of moisturiser, but that's about it." ENCHANTED star James Marsden doesn't worry too much about his appearance.

23rd April 2008

Quote: "Playing a prince was a nice change from the usual action roles I played for years in things like X-Men. I loved it, even the wearing tights part!" Actor James Marsden was drawn to Disney's fantasy movie ENCHANTED because of the dramatic change of genre.

22nd April 2008

Quote: "Sarah is lovely. I saw her at a bar recently and she was wedged in the back of a booth, but still made the effort to climb out and thank me for the song." ENCHANTED hunk James Marsden was blown away by Sarah Jessica Parker's friendliness at a recent meeting, after the actor was asked to provide the vocals for the Sex And The City star's perfume advertisement.

6th March 2008

Quote: "(I have an) obsession with cheerleaders, their hair up in a ponytail. When I was young, I could never have that.... (but) my wife was a cheerleader." ENCHANTED star James Marsden eventually got the girl of his dreams.

12th January 2008

Fact: ENCHANTED star James Marsden's late father-in-law, DENNIS LINDE, wrote Elvis Presley hit BURNING LOVE.

15th October 2007

Quote: "Angelina Jolie does nothing for me... I'll just stick with Jessica Alba." X-Men star James Marsden reveals a crush for FANTASIC FOUR's Invisible Woman.

30th July 2007

Quote: "Hugh Jackman can sing and dance for real and actually Halle Berry, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are all very good singers, so X-Men 4 could be THE MUSICAL." X-MEN star James Marsden hopes to follow his HAIRSPRAY success with another quirky movie musical.

20th June 2007

Quote: "When I was in high school, all the girls wanted to be with him and I wanted to be him. I finally get to work with him, and he's a woman, which is cool - but now I don't really want to be him so much." James Marsden on working with cross-dressing John Travolta in movie musical HAIRSPRAY.

20th June 2007

Fact: X-Men star James Marsden is the cabaret crooner featured in the background of the TV commercial for actress Sarah Jessica Parker's new fragrance Lovely.

10th June 2006

Fact: X-Men heroes Hugh Jackman and James Marsden beat the boredom of hours in the make-up trailer on the set of X-MEN: THE LAST STAND by singing duets to the themes of their young kids' favourite TV shows.

31st May 2006

Quote: "He has taught me that my wife's cooking really does taste better with ketchup... and that, before him, I was just going through the motions." X-MEN star James Marsden is thrilled to be a dad to son JACK.

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